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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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let's check in with liz for check on our morning commut let's get a look at weather. here's meteorologist lawren karnow.
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the giants and their fans he today to catch their breath before the world series res in
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san francisco. kpix five's kiet do is stang by at a-t-and-t park... actually, he's on deck. not a whole lot of activityt this hour. we've only seen a few vehics unloading some practice gead office equipment . we are being told that the players won't be arriving ul sometime between 11am and 2 today. it's going to be a long flight home, as they t and shake off what happenedt night. sixth inning, rookie pitcher hunter strickland on the mo strickland served up his 5th home run of the postseason omar infante, and it gave t royals a 7-2 lead... as the runners got to the plate, strickland began screaming sal perez. the royals almost seemed confaused about why strickland was so upset. strickland later said he was mad, and yelling at himself. tim lincecum came in and pid nearly two clean innings, b then a back strain forced h out of the game. (tim lincecum: "do you feele you'll be available?" "righw i've just got to play it byr and see how it feels tomorr and go from there?" "have y suffered this type of injury before?" "yeah you know gro up i've always kind of... n always but randomly run into back issues here and there t it's nothing that i hadn t overcome or dealt with in t past.") giants got the split, so it could've ended much worse, series is now tied 1-1. game three on friday at 5:07 pm. tickets are still avail, running anywhere from $500 $700 what do san francisco police have to say about spikes in crime during home games?
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here's the rest of the sche: the next three games are at-
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and-t park... friday, satury and sunday. then it's back to kansas city if necessary. a lone c-h-p motorcycle off is outmatched when he trieso stop a group of reckless bi on a bay area freeway. ".nats of vroom .." this video was taken from of the biker's helmet cams. yon see dozens of motorcyclists.. some of them popping wheelies on interste 680 in milpitas earlier this month. the c-h-p officer...h siren blaring.... tries to over the lead biker... who's ignoring him. the officer then sets his ss on a second biker.. that's when a third biker zooms rit past him doing a high-speed wheelie. the rider with the camera eventually pulls up to the officer. the officer makes a gesture as if to say knock off. the officer.. concerner
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his safety decided to get of the area. no one was cited. people on a san francisco tr bus got an ear- full when t tour guide went on a racist rant. when you come to america you got to assimila little bit. and here in ame we don't eat turtles and fr. but, they bring that here to america. you gotta assimila little chinatown the guide's rant was aimed people living in chinatown.s was apparently her last day on the job. she gon to warn the tourists not toe to chinatown. we have a china in my hometown of los angel that is way cleaner, way be restaurants not as many peo this is a horrible place to live. if you are considering moving to san francisco, although this is the cheape neighborhood, do not live h i have learned my lesson. t people wake you up at 6 in e morning at one point some people on bus actually clapped. we we unable to identify that
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tour guide or what bus compy she worked for. san francisco supervisor david chiu says expects an apology. it has happened again. anotr man jumped the fence at the white house. the unarmed suspect from maryland didn't make it fare was quickly taken down by st service agents and their do. this follows an incident la month when omar gonzalez ju the fence, armed with a kni and made it all way to the room. a c-h-p officer is under investigation for stealing d photos of a woman. the cont costa times reports: officer sean harrington pulled the n over on 680 in san ramon.. r allegedly driving drunk. he found the photos on her i- phone.. and sent them to himself. he allegedly deleted the forwarding reco. but the woman found out whee synched her phone to the i- cloud. officer harrington is on de duty this morning . the d-u charges against the woman he been dropped.
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canada is on high alert this morning after a gunman stor the nation's capital. as kr van cleave reports the cou's prime minister is calling t attack the work of a terror (nats gunfire - globe and ml video) gunfire rocked the h of canada's parliament wedny . security forces spotted t suspected shooter and gave chase. kevin vickers, the sergeant at arms, shot and killed the gunman - identifd as 32 year old michale zeha bibeau, a recent convert to islam. just a short time be the attack on parliament - a soldier standing guard at canada's national war memorl in ottawa was shot to deatht close range. that soldier w 24-year-old soldier nathan cirillo. the country's prime minister called the violenc act of terror. (sot stephen harper, canadian prime mini) "we will not be intimidated. canada will never be intimidated." (-nats-there shooter on the loose-pleasee back!") (standup kris van cleave/ cbs news/ ottawa, canada) parliament hill continues to be off limits the public amid the investigation into the atta. president obama spoke with canada's prime minister last night: (sot president obamao chyron necessary) "i pledge always to make sure that our national security teams are coordinating very closely, n not only is canada one of o closest allies, but they'rer neighbors and our friends. (vo) investigators have not ruled out the possibility t gunman may have been inspiry terror groups like isis... juan zarate, cbs news senior national security analyst) counter terrorism officials really worried that this movement the attack came a y after canada raised its natl threat lel to medium because of another was killed. kris van cleave cbt and u.s. government sources tol bornslam and called himself said he had a history of dru drinking water will be tes't
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rjose today. that's after three people got sick becauf ecoli contamination. the water company has been t flushing and chlorinating t lines in a three block arear the milpitas border. 300 hos and a school are still undea 'boil water order. the time is 6:xx new restrictions in place for ae travelling to the u-s from africa... what they must do twice a day... for nearly a month.. that's coming up at 6:30. a movement is spreading thr the classrooms at one bay aa school. michelle will show you how students and teache are supporting people battlg cancer. weather ad libs traffic ad libs
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so to raise awareness...the
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student council at a redwood city school came up with a unique idea to honor those fightine disease. this week's cool school is roy cloud elementy waiting to get her hair cut...katie ho is nervous 10:57:40 "im nervous. ive ht long for a really long time" nats of snip with a few sni. nats of clapping 10:59:05 a support from her classmates...ten inches is f (10:59:33 "feel your hair" winces as she feels her hai she winces....but knows its a good cause (cover with vo) 10:57:48 "i know a lot of pe who have cancer and i have to give to people who dont any" the hair is donated tos for kids. some students getk hair extensions and the boys spray paint theirs all in support of cancer awareness week...somthing roy cloud's student council came up wit get people talking catherine gaston/ student activities director 11:32:34 "we're abo give kids an outlet for the questions through expressiod awareness" all week...studes add to the tribute wall in e courtyard...each square dedicated to someone with cr 11:24:30 "everybody's been touched by cancer, knows soe who has it or knows someone knows someone" its a movement...even through clo. different colors honor difft cancers...this day is gray r brain cancer. ((michael dooley/7th grader) 11:13:20 "they walk away maybe. theyt really like to bring it up d they think its awkward to tk about it" michael dooley was diagnosed with a brain tumo his optical nerve when he w just two years old..he wears protective sunglasses. 11:1 "just because we have cancer doesn't mean that we can t e fun and that we're differen we're all people just becaue have a few cells that went wrong and make a difference" ol? you can e-mail your nomin school? you can e-mail your nominaton to us at: cool
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school? you can e-mail your nominaton to us at: cool
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schools at kpix- dot-com. wy come and feature your schoo the show. a c-h-p officer... caught ia dangerous situation with a t of motorcyclists.... watch happens... every time the officer tried to pull someo over. "..." our play of the day comes fm the world series... the giants ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gregor blanco hit it sharpl the third inning. but kansas city first baseman eric hosmer ma diving stop. then he made a dive to the bag, just in tio get blanco running down the line. eric hosmer helped the royals beat the giants .. a earned our play of the day
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honors. we've got thursday night football tonight on kpix 5. san diego chargers take on the denver broncos. kickoff is 5-25 that's followed by the fifth quart it's 6-- coming up ... emotions ran high in game tf the world series... we'll sw you why both benches cleare reporter adlibs the royals evened the series ,,
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last night against the gian. and the giants could have a bigger problem on their han. which player got injured...n the middle of the game. and--- u-s health officials unveil a new plano combat ebola... what people travelling from west africao the u-s have to do... when get here. weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's thursday, october 23...partial solar eclipse day. i'm brian hackney, in for frank malli. and i'm michelle griego. tis 6-- the giants come home to san francisco after splitting t first two games of the world series in kansas city. ...20:30:19...royals take ge two... the giants bullpen lost con in the sixth inning. that wn the royals scored five runs tim lincecum pitched the
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seventh.. but then he had to leave because of back strai the royals won game two, sen to two. here's the rest of the sche: game 3 is at a-t and t park friday... at 5 o'clock. they'll also play saturday d sunday in san francisco. one giants fan in san franc made his own jumbotron... a invited all the neighbors to come watch. he projected the game on the side of his house in bernal heights. time is 6-- let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's meteorologist lawren karnow. more rules for people coming into to the u-s from ebola stricken
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countries. susan mcginnis has more on the government's response and an update on t americans infected with the ebola virus. script: (ashoka mukpo / surd ebola) when i first came in smith i said i looked up at and said ya know am i goingo
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make it. he goes we don't ka whole lot about this diseas high spirits for n-b-c camen ashoka mukpo. on wednesday,e left the nebraska medical cr - free of ebola. he's headi home to rhode island, after receiving an experimental dg to treat the disease. (asho mukpo / survived ebola) "th doc! (fist bump) infected n amber vinson is also smilin she snapped this selfie aft being transferred from an isolation unit in an atlanta hospital. her family says doctors no longer detect the virus in her body. vinson a nina pham both contracted e while treating thomas eric duncan at texas health presbyterian hospital in da. (obama) "we're going to systematically and steadilye sure every hospital has a p" president obama discussed t government's efforts to conn the disease after meeting wh ron klain - his new point-mn ebola. klain will be in chae of getting government agencs to work more efficiently in case any new ebola cases ar (sot-obama)"the public heal infrastructure and systems we are now putting in place across the board, around the country, should give the american people confidence we are going to be in a posn to deal with any additional cases of ebola." susan mcgi cbs news washington. the president added he's cautiously optimistic about ebola situate
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cautiously optimistic about ebola situation here in the united states. it could be years before there's a final decision onn francisco's new "tenant relocation ordinance." the city attorney plans to appeal tuesday's ruling agat the ordinance. a local couple sued after learning would cost them more than 117-thousand dollars to evi tenant. the ordinance says landlords have to help tenas with their rents for two years after evicting them. city attorney dennis herrera saye ordinance is "legimate and lawful" -- given the region's housing crisis. the attorney for the couple sued is disappointed the ru will be appealed. he says t city should spend its energy
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coming up with solutions to affordable housing crisis tt are constitutional. a c-h-p officer in the souty got caught in the middle ofe reckless driving. kpix five's joe vazquez has the video.. standup: joe vazquez / milp the video was shot right up there -- 680 at the montague expressway. investigators ss many as 50 bikers were on t highway at once. :19 nats / biker doing a wheely some of them popping wheelies . som them taunting a lone chp officer. :47 nats (speedingy the cop) ross lee / chp the behavior displayed by the rs on the motorcycles was extry reckless. the youtube video shows a group of bikers pla cat and mouse with a chp ofr ... nats accelerating the c now explains, the officer w trying to pull one guy overd then another. but each time, fellow bikers would move in. ross lee / chp the officer d been behind the bikers and trying to make a stop. the riders, as he would get behd one, would move back into ak and so he was unable to get of the riders that he was attempting to pull over to to the shoulder. 1:18 nats cop yelling . (slow down?) p says the officer was tryingo tell the bikers to slow dow. but watch what happens ... e biker with the camera that s shooting the video - waves the officer ... as if telli him to go away. the cop dris off, without pulling anyone else over . the bikers celebrate. nats ross lee / p he made a determination and judgment call based on his n safety as well as the safet the general public who was the roadway at the time. standup: joe vazquez / milp no arrests yet. the chp says they're combing the video tg to find out who exactly was responsible. in milpitas, j vazquez, kpix5. we reached out to the you-te poster, but so far we have'
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poster, but so far we have' heard back. as we told you earlier.... giants pitcher tim lincecum to leave game two of the wod series after he hurt his ba. roberta gonzales is live inl valley talking about the acs and pains athletes suffer a how they can recover. roberta.
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time is 6: gmail will soon have a new look-- we'll show you the many ways google simplig your inbox. and the market just opened t ten minutes ago. let's take a quick check on the big bo (adlib conditions) coming u we'll get an update from kc radio's financial reporter n brooks. and we want to invite all y pet lovers: send us your questions about their healtd well-being just email "petst kpix dot com", or on our facebook page... we'll haver pet expert give you an answ every friday here at noon time now for a look at wha' coming up later on cbs this morning. joins us now from new york.,
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joins us now from new york.d morning. ahead - jim axelrod is in ottawa. he has the investigation in the attacks on canada's cap. and, c-i-a insider michael morell joins us with concer over homegrown terror in the u-s. plus - a former n-f-l player tells us football is lot worse for your health tn marijuana. his fight to get the drug legalized in the
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league. and - neil diamond sits down with anthony maso how detention helped inspirs music career. the news is back in the morning. see you at seven. thanks. cbs this morning starts at 7 o- clock. google is offering a fix for users who are drowning in g-mail. the new app is called inbox sorts and turns e-mails into reminders... it highlights important information so you don't have to read the enti message. the app launches today -- but it's invite on for now. san francisco jail inmates e getting some high tech help. about 100 of them are being
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given i-pads to do homeworkr prepare their criminal case the inmates only get accesso four secure websites. it's part of a two-year, 275- thousand dollar pilot progr developed by new york-based american prison data systems. new jobless claims are up fm the 14- year low they hit lt week. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason br. let's lead with first time claims moving higher by 17ko 283k, 6 straight weeks below 300k..then i'll mention yels earnings.which are negative reviews..wrap with the bb jason brooks from kcbs news. thanks.
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it's hard to miss the newest reserve sergeant for the l-a county sheriff's department. he has his own i-d card, evf he doesn't have any pocketso put it in. "bert" the camel just got promoted from depuo sergeant. he gets plenty
6:47 am
of attention in his hometow norco. bert is even in the guiness book of world recor for his volunteer work with enforcement. time is 6-- let's get a check of traffic. a tour guide taking a bus fl of people around san francio
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goes off on a racist rant. andria borba has more on the uncomfortable ride that too ugly turn at chinatown. bleeped nats with enough f-s to make george carlin blush tour bus guide supposedly working on her last day, bo of some kind in hand...let'e tourists know *exactly whae thinks of chinatown. nats 30.19.24 at first we saw it thought it was a joke the v appears to be no joke...muc it not safe for tv. 15.03.1 when you come to america yot to assimilate a little bit. here in america we don't eat turtles and frogs. but, they bring that here to america. gotta assimilate a little chinatown in the guide's crosshairs...salons...the sidewalks...the food...the language barrier. david chiu\president, sf board of supervisors 26.54.08 we're l incredibly sad and disappoi that in 2014 someone would r these very stereotypical and racist comments about a mine into the video ---listen closely...that's applause nats applause 27.57.10 i hope that we lea
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that they didn't understand what she was saying and th'e not native english speakers expletive laced rant doesn't stop there -- up next a war never to move to chinatown. we have a china in my hometown of los angel that is way cleaner, way be restaurants not as many peo this is a horrible place to live. if you are considering moving to san francisco, although this is the cheape neighborhood, do not live h i have learned my lesson. t people wake you up at 6 in e morning time is 6:xx a temporary victory for property ownersn san francisco... but their
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property owners in san francisco... but their fight over the ellis act isn't ov yet. why it could be years... before there's a solution. reporter ad libs five things to know at the - ♪ ♪
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canadian authorities say it just one gunman who opened at the parliament yesterday. michael za-haaf be-bow ( mie zehaf-bibeau) was shot and killed by an officer after opened fire at country's parliament in ottawa yester just before that attack... be-bow allegedly shot and kd a soldier at the national w memorial. another american wins the fight against the ebola vir. doctors at emory university hospital in atlanta say then no longer detect the virus amber vinson's system. she was one of two nurses that down with ebola while carinr thomas eric duncan in dalla the white house is dealing another intruder. a man jumped over the fence yesterday... but barely mad on the lawn before the secr service and their dogs help take him down. this is the seventh fence jumper this y a c-h-p officer is out-numb and out-matched by a group
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rowdy bikers. this happened on 68 milpitas earlier this monthe c-h-p officer... tried to pl over the lead biker, but is ignored. eventually the officer takes off... without arresting anyone. it could be years before t's a final decision on san francisco's new "tenant relocation ordinance." the attorney plans to appeal tuesday's ruling against the ordinance. a local couple sd after learning it would cost them over 100-thousand dolls to evict a tenant. the ordinance says landlords hao help tenants with their ren for two years after evicting them. we are being told that the players won't be arriving ul sometime between 11am and 2 today. their flight hasn't t st. louis yet, so they still have a couple more hours len enemy territory to get overt happened last night. sixth inning, rookie pitcher hunter strickland on the mo strickland served up his 5th home run of the postseason omar infante, and it gave t royals a 7-2 lead... as the runners got to the plate, strickland began screaming sal perez. the royals almost seemed confaused about why strickland was so upset. strickland left the game and had this to say afterward. (hunter strickland: like i i just fell like i was you i wasn't happy with myself e i haven't been performing ty ability and just upset and e team and that's the way i fl and i guess there was some miscommunication between usu know, and it's more or less was just mad at myself) tim lincecum looked good, pitching nearly two clean innings, but then left the with a strained back. his status is unknown. giants come home for game t on friday. tickets are still available, running anywherem $500 to $700 pause for traffic!! pause f traffic!! pause for traffic
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pause for weather!! pause f weather!! we've got thursday night football tonight on kpix 5. san diego chargers take on the
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denver broncos. kickoff is at 5-25 that's followed by the by t fifth quarter thanks for watching kpix 5 this morning. your next local update is at 7:26.
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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, october 23rd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a home grown terrorist attacked canada's capital. >> the secret service is tempted tested again as another man jumps the fence at the white house. furious at what he did at a hong kong protest. we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> for the second time this week there has been a brutal and violent attack on our soil. >> terror strikes the capital of canada. >> shots fired. we have multiple patients.


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